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Pro Tip

Do you want to continue your education after completing your certificate? If so, look for an HR certificate that allows you to conveniently transfer your credits into a relevant degree program at the same school.

Consider Your Future Goals

Whether you’re just starting out in human resources or you’re looking to progress into an HR consultant or HR manager role, an online human resources certificate program can help you jumpstart or advance your career. Still, every program offers something a little different, and finding one that aligns with your goals is important.

For example, some HR certificates have prerequisite courses that could extend the time it takes to complete your program, while others require only four courses and no prerequisites, allowing you to potentially finish in one semester. The latter option would be a good fit if you’re looking for the shortest educational path.

However, if you want to eventually earn an associate degree in human resources or another full-length degree, you might find it more beneficial to take additional courses now that you can transfer over when you’re ready. In this case, speak with an advisor to make sure your certificate credits transfer cleanly into your desired program, whether it’s an associate or a bachelor’s degree in human resources.

Know Your Budget and Financing Options

Tuition for the top 10 human resources certificate programs ranges from $100 to $600 per credit, and credit requirements range between 12 and 20. So you can expect the total cost of an online HR certificate to fall between $1,200 and $12,000. Among the programs ranked on this page, total tuition averages approximately $4,340.

Attending a credit-granting program at an institutionally accredited college may qualify you for federal student aid in the form of grants or loans. Fill out the FAFSA®, a free application to determine your federal financial aid eligibility, to see whether you can get help paying for your certificate. You can also check with your school’s financial aid office to learn about other scholarships, grants and tuition assistance programs.

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